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Blaze - the irritable one. An inner turmoil that is exemplified immediately when he walks into a room, or when he can't find his keys. Desperately wants to be Non-Stop, but will never get there.

Non-Stop - A zen master of awesome. He owns a motorcycle and guitar.  But never plays his guitar. Why? Because he doesn't need to.  He's that bad ass.  His "I don't care" attitude has brought down evil regimes, and satisfied many women.

Heart-Stop - Yes, you got it.  The Heart throb of the band. Known for over-courting women to exhaustion before they run off with Non-Stop.  This photo was take in 1983.

Fly-Stop - The smooth one. A fashion guru and a martial arts expert. He's assassinated people with the depth of his gaze.

Short-Stop - the really short one.  In constant need of supervision and is required to wear a helmet in most states.  He was once run over by a logging truck, but was luckily untouched due to his small stature.  -photo credit : Some 5-year-old angling his camera downward at a 45-degree angle


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